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App for showing bandwidth

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Does anyone have a great app for showing the bandwidth on my phone? I went to the App Store but there are so many and I was hoping that someone could recommend one. I want to check the bandwidth on my phone before I order a Wi-Fi booster to make sure I get one that is compatible. I am totally clueless about these things but want to increase my internet. I have Verizon phone service and IPhone 6plus. 
I would appreciate any help anyone could give. 
Thank you in advance. 

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Best off just doing a speed test.  Do the test several times, writing down the time and the speed.  Maybe do 5 tests in the morning, 5 more in the afternoon and then 5 more in the evening, say 6PM plus when everyone gets home and starts streaming Netflix.

Just take the averages for each time, then do the same thing again after you have your booster in play.

Apps can be notoriously.... spammy and ad-filled and dangerous for your phone.  (Think Malware.)   Just go with a straight speed test (Ookla, or just Google "speed test" in a Chrome browser on your phone.  Or any browser on your phone, really.)

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