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Solar 'Pauper' versus Honda Generator


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Are you suggesting that one 100w panel satisfies all your electrical needs? If so, good for you. You are indeed a minimalist. Not a bad place to be.

i didn’t  obtain “no hookup nivana” unltil I installed 420w and two 110Ah AGM batteries. And even then, on a series of cloudy days or if parked in a forest with too much shade, I need to start the Honda 2000 for a few hours.

we all have different “needs” and wants. My wife and I use a lot of internet while traveling and the TV is almost always on for new, sports and movies. 

If you don’t need any of this while traveling, you might be much better off.

thanks for a great post.

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Please explain the why and how you accomplished the task.

Why-My hobbies, kayaking and fishing and then hurricane Ike and Harvey hit.

How-  I’m still flooded lead -acid. Two detachable 90-watt panels on the camper shell of the Tundra  wired in parallel feeding a five-year-old Trojan SCS225. Additional two portable 100-watt panels wired in parallel feeding the battery bank on the trailer. The trailer has as primary two five-year-old TrojanT-105 hooked up in series. As back-up to the trailer it has a trojan SCS225. A Blue Seas-Series Selector Battery Switch 9001e switch handles the switching between the two on-board 6-volt battery, the single Trojan SCS 225 battery or both. I have two controllers that I have made portable so I can move the between truck and trailer  One Morningstar PS-30 PWM and a Morningstar PS-MPPT-40M.  All batteries are  maintained  via these controllers and a monitored via a portable Bogart Engineering Tri-Metric Meter TM-2025-A .  Both the truck and the trailer have Power Tech-On 2000-watt pure sine wave inverter wired via #00 fine wire welding cable.   All other wiring is either #4 or #00 fine wire welding cable.  

Are you happy you added Solar? Yes.

Content? We have learned what we can run and for how long with the current set-up but would always want  more amp hours and panels.

What has your experience been since going Solar? We are experienced off girders. We have over 7K of panels at what is now, after Harvey, our home 20.  Experience has been very positive and albeit very expensive.

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