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  1. Jaydrvr... is a great example. It takes only one like Jaydrvr to ruin a group adventure. This ends my participation and am best left to what I have enjoyed with close friends who also enjoy what we do.
  2. Why did you bother to post such a statement? You need to improve your grammar, as well.
  3. One additional thought. When we lived in the Forest Service cabin, more of a shack with tar paper exterior, we had no locks. We had little anyone would take and any neighbor looked out for one another. Although Bears liked the 'root cellar'... a strong door with a couple of 2x4's to secure them did the trick. Hunted with a Remington 22 rifle for rabbit at 6 years old. Snow rabbits at 7. ...and no, I did not shoot myself or get lost. This was our Costco shopping in the deep forest, kind of thing. I still own the rifle.
  4. Bill Joyce... let me guess. You are on the west side of the Sierras. I would not leave, either! You found your All Season Home. If you quit feeding them or the flowers become scarce... they will go to Oregon for the Winters. I heard California is too crowded. A little birdie told me. As the paper clip below says: Drag FLYS here to attach...
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