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I know the subject of domicile has come up many time but I have a question that I have not found an answer to.  I have already established residents in Florida for the last 3 years but find I need a physical address for a couple things that won't except the mailing address I use.  As I new escapees member I was wonder if I can use their Florida address as my physical address even tho I don't use their mail service.  

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I don't understand what the problem is since a mail service address is legal for use in Florida? If the problem is a financial company, there is an alternative clause to the patriot act requirement where you can use the fixed address of a relative as the alternate one and your mail service for things being mailed to you. 

As to the idea of using the Escapee address and not the Escapee Florida address, you would need to call the office to be sure, but I'd be very surprised if they were to say yes because they would have no record of who you are or what your address might be in the office there. Anything sent to you at that address would probably be returned. In addition, the agency refusing your mail service would probably refuse the Escapee address also since it would show up as a business address, just as the mail service that you are using now does. 

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You stated that you have a residence in Florida, so why not just use that address. Or an address of a family member.  I use my son's address in Texas as my domicile. I have Escapee Mail Service out of Livingston, Texas. I have all my mail sent too. Even my vehicle registration renewals are sent to my Escapee mail box, and all my other bills.  But I don't live there, and haven't in over 5 years. But with that being said, all the really important mail like Drivers License and other state related mail in sent to son's address.

Let's say you live in a town or city inside Florida, but all your mail in sent to a P.O. Box address in that same town or city. It's still not being sent to your physical address.

Now what do you do? My answer still would be to use a family or good friends address (with their approval) as a physical address, or find other business that'll work with you.

Now, that's my 2 cents worth of information.

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