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Newbies with 'Oldie'


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Well, we finally did it and acquired a class C motorhome, a 2001 Four Winds Five Thousand, 25' in length.

Unfortunately there are no manuals. Having been camping in mostly newer RV's in the past, we never really had to deal with repairs. This is were it gets a bit more intense as we need some parts, but would like to upgrade if possible (e.g. thermostat is the 'old style' with slider, and yes, slider is broken off, need a new one).

Is there anybody out there who has the same or similar motorhome and give us some pointers? Or someone who can look at it and tell us what we got here?

We are located in the greater South Bend, IN area. The motorhome is safe and sound to drive with no mechanical issues and maintenance up to date.

Any thoughts?

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If you mean the old style thermostat for your furnace, they are still quite available. I suspect that you can replace your present one with the one in the picture, only $14.57 from Amazon.


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Thank you so much for your response. I should have taken a picture of it. There is no description nor label nor nothing.  I like the one you pictured, especially because of Fahrenheit and Celsius on it.

I was wondering if we could upgrade to a digital one, but then, it does not really matter.

Great link, thank you. I will try to figure out if it will fit.


Ours looks like this one:



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