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US 191 Between I-70 and I-40?


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US 191 between I-40 and I-70 has grades up to 7 percent and many switchbacks.

Pulling a 14,00lb trailer with an F-250 will be an EXPERIENCE.  It will be hard on both transmission going up and brakes going down.


Just my opinion , which is worth exactly what you paid for it.



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2 hours ago, chirakawa said:

In light of geodog's post, I might suggest an alternative.  Go to Gallup and take 491 up through Cortez and into Monticello, from there 191 to I-70.  I don't remember any steep grades or switchbacks on that route.

We were planning on going from North to South. Guess I did not make that clear.  Is 491 less hilly?


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