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Hands on with the next Microsoft Edge, Microsoft's revamped Chromium-based browser


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I'm not really happy with Firefox any more, Edge was vacuous and irritating, Chrome was too Google, and I did not like the changes Opera made to my machine. However, as I look back on what seems like a year or two, has actually been five years or more, an eon in tech terms. Back then I kept up with my tech toys and systems, but I don't even try anymore. So I've been following the news flashes about Edge using the Google Chromium engine for a new browser that's greater than the sum of its parts. if you're a Chrome user, pay attention, Edge fan? My wife is one. Firefox user, no we don't have to go slow for familiar. Here's the latest. I think if you've missed this development it's time to see what's almost here.


"Whatever you call the next Microsoft Edge—Microsoft Edgium? Microsoft Edge, built on Chromium? ChromEdge?—Microsoft’s fusion of the Chromium browser and the traditional Microsoft Edge is worth trying out, though the current beta version is a bit heavier than the traditional Edge.

Last week, Microsoft announced a stable beta channel for what it’s calling the next version of Microsoft Edge. Microsoft’s Edge browser will now be designed around Chromium, the open-source version of Google Chrome. Edgium—a convenient nickname, if one that Microsoft devs seem to hate—should feel familiar to both Edge and Chrome users, with a well-stocked larder of Microsoft-vetted extensions, as well as a gateway to the traditional Chrome store.

Why try the new beta? Probably the most compelling argument was that you can download and install it in literally seconds. Though I’d swear I never tried even an early version of the Edge beta on this machine, the next Edge detected and imported my existing Chrome bookmarks during the setup process, and even configured my bookmarks bar. Technically, it did so without my permission. On the other hand, the time it took between downloading it and actually using it was among the quickest I’ve ever seen for any browser. You’ll probably have been up and running in the time it took to read this paragraph.

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This is a marked change from the literal years it took for Microsoft to nail down cloud syncing within the original Microsoft Edge. Though the original Edge had, and has, its strengths, Edge missed its window: Most users simply returned to Chrome, a full-fledged browser that worked, and let Microsoft Edge work through its growing pains by itself.

At this point, the Edgium beta is merely a straightforward, competent browser. We can’t reasonably expect it to have the UI flash of Vivaldi, the VPN capabilities of Opera, the “tip a creator” functionality of Brave, or so on. Upcoming features may be turned on in the nightly “Canary” releases, or as part of experimental “flags” within the browser. Here are the next Edge’s current strengths and weaknesses."

The article is extensive with screen shots and related hot links and is worth the read because it's coming at us fast. The full PC World article is in this link, click here: Edgium?

What do you think? Tried it yet? Think you'll switch? I'm pretty sure I will, especially since Firefox tabs have been screwy since two updates ago.

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