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Is this a good controller for a LiFePO4 and a 160 watt panel?

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I  have just ordered a very pricey LiFePO4 battery to go with my 160 watt solar panel.  Now I want a MPPT controller and I was hoping someone here could confirm this is the correct controller for the battery and panel.  I believe it is the correct controller but I would like a second opinion please.

The charge controller:


With a MPPT Bluetooth Communication Module so I can monitor the solar system from my Amazon Kindle:


Solar panel:
Standard power: 160 Watts
Maximum power voltage: 17.8
Maximum power current: 9.0A
Open Circuit voltage: 21.1V
Short Circuit current: 9.5A

LiFePO4 battery:
Nominal voltage: 12v
Capacity: 100Ah
Discharge cut-off voltage: 8.4v
Operating voltage min 11.5 V - max 14.8 V At 80 % DOD
Optimal discharge current < 50 A
Charge voltage: 14.6v

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