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My Rv toilet started burping after I used the flush out. ???? I need help please


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Some how the vent has clogged.  First make sure the vent pipe has not slipped down onto the tank.  A quick check on the roof to make sure the pipe is still in the vent should work.  If you are sure the tank emptied I would try a hose down the vent. Carefully!  You don't want the vent to suddenly fill and shoot stuff all over and pressure water around the vent roof exit.  If that fails maybe a sewer snake down the vent?  


2001 Volvo VNL 42 Cummins ISX Autoshift

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There are several possible causes of this but vent problems are always the root since a proper vent prevents any buildup of air pressure inside of the waste tank. It could be that the vent pipe is plugged up in some way, or it may also be that the vent pipe was not properly anchored and has slipped down into the tank. Is your tank nearly empty? If not, try emptying it and see if that helps.

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Mine did this from the start. I tried the wand with the little propeller on the end. It worked some. What is happening is you bold up a pyramid of paper and other stuff at the bottom of the pipe. What I found is that filling the bowl to the top and use a plunger like this: https://www.amazon.com/Professional-Accordion-Pressure-Commercial-Bathrooms/dp/B07F97CCB3/ref=sr_1_6?crid=14CJZ9346A4JT&keywords=toilet+plunger&qid=1579890689&sprefix=toilet%2Caps%2C281&sr=8-6

It does the trick for me. This pushes allot of water down and up plugs.

Also, don't empty your black tank until you arrive at your next stop. 

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