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Failure to start

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ISL 400.  Having trouble with starting process.  Turn the key on, dash display comes up, hear all the buzzing etc. but in about 5-10 seconds all goes out and turning the key to start nothing happens.  Thought maybe bad batteries so installed new, same condition.  Called Freightliner and went through their suggestion of locating main power cable and in line fuse.  Bypassed fuse with direct connect, same condition.  HELP!!! 

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I had a problem very similar to this.  It was a bad battery cable.  The ends looked good and I cleaned them to be sure.  Still nothing.  Probably internal corrosion caused my problem.  We used a jumper cable to bypass the cable to be sure it was the battery cable.  It was not heavy enough to start but the starter motor did rotate slowly with the jumper cable.  Replaced the cables and it has been good.

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 You may have a problem in your dash in itself. Call the manufacturer of the coach or search the net to find whoe made the dash display.


 Years ago I had one that did odd stuff. Called chassis and coach manufacturer for help. After doing the normal stuff.


 It turned out to be a bad connection where they spliced the j1939 communication cable for the engine to the dash display. While searching the net I heard about the j1939 cable.


 The way to find a j1939 cable is to look for several sets of twisted 2 wires. They twist the 2 wires so they do not get signals confused in the system.


 Ok that is not a good explanation.


But it should give your an idea how to explain the situation to the builder of the coach.


 Hope this helps,.   Vern

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Another thing to check is to clamp an ammeter around the battery cable connected to the starter. 

Have someone turn the key to "start" position. If you have many amps in the cable and no starter rotation it is the starter itself. 

Work safely doing this. 

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I apologize for a "very" late response to my issue and letting all know what the problem was.  Took awhile and finally isolated it down to a relay located on the "battery isolater system" control. Frustration ran pretty high because first replacment relay sent was a bad one and that took awhile to figure out.  Another identical new one worked!

Again, sorry for not posting fix earlier.  Hopes this helps someone with possible similar issue in the future.

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