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You can't beat Louisiana fishing


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We've lived in Louisiana on and off from 1971 to present. 2003 to now this time. Back in the 70s we used to do a lot of charter fishing off Grand Isle with Capt Sebastion. In the late 70s my FIL bought a Lafitte skiff, 28 foot and a cousin had a full 60foot or so Shrimp trawler. So we did a lot of shrimping and fishing the Gulf out of Cameron LA. If there were no shrimp in deep water we'd get brownies out of lake Calciseau. (sp?) We've fished the Red Sea, German lakes and the North Sea out of the Netherlands. Both US coasts and Colorado lakes and streams. But bar none, Alaska fishing on the Kenai River, and bays during the salmon runs, and salt water fishing in the bays and Gulf of Alaska out of Seward and Valdiz, going after Ling Cod, barn door Halibut, Red Snapper and rock fish beats anywhere in the world we've been. We did Alaska from May-September 1999 in our first rig. Do Alaska full timing. It is amazing! We went up the AlCan and back on the Cassiar Hwy! It cost us under $20 each for non resident fishing licenses, and we bought our tackle at Trustworthy Hardware in Soldotna. We fast froze it all and fedexed a big chest freezer full for less than buying it from unknown source here.

Sounds exaggerated but once you go, you see. We ate nothing but Salmon, Halibut, Cod, Snapper the rest of the trip. We did a lot of fishing in Long Island Sound in the 60s. We really loved fishing everywhere. And eating.

got some chicken calling my name guys! Bye.

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