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South Dakota domicile question....

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We're in the process of selling our home and declaring domicile in South Dakota. I emailed the DOL in SD and asked what needed to be done to license our MDT. They responded that will need to pay declared gross on non-commercial tonnage and need to include the weight of the 5th wheel and have a tonnage decal on the truck. Any idea what they mean?

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If your MDT is already licensed in another state as a "motorhome" or "totorhome" the transition is very painless.  They have recognized & transferred these in the past.

Without me being able to create a link I would suggest the following to get you started.  Also, if you are going to use a mail service out of SD, they can most likely navigate you through the process.

For starters: Drop down to the HDT forum on the Escapee's Forum Site

Click on Heavy Haulers Resource Guide

Click on-The HDT Decision which brings up a drop down menu

Click on-State Listing of HDT Registrations

Click on-South Dakota

I'm not sure if all of the info. will pertain to your MDT but it should help you to look there & to also check with the MDT site on the forum, as well.

Todd E.

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I used Americas Mailbox and they did all of it for me without my needing to go to SD.  I have an MDT(IH 4700) and 5er(Newmar KA).  They handled it for a reasonable fee and continue to manage that for us.  We have found them to be professional and excellent customer service.

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