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Silver Streak potential purchase


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Hi, Im going to look at a 1974 28' Silver Streak travel trailer tomorrow. Does anyone know anything about them? I am especially wondering about the insulation. I find it very hard to find out how much and type many rigs are insulated. 

This rig is described as being in good condition except for possibly a black tank replacement and maybe a skylight replacement or caulking. 

Who knows if I'll buy it. I don't want a project. I'll be fulltiming in whatever I get.

what do you think?

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They had a good reputation and there are some folks into restoring of them such as this one on ebay for $15,000 but NADA only lists it for $2000. If you are not planning to restore it, the only way that I'd consider it at all for fulltime would be if it has been completely restored. To answer your question about insulation, if it is original inside the insulation will be of fiberglass as none of the foam products were available when it was built. 

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We had a 1978 SilverStreak a few years back that we restored.  They were well built trailers for their time and were basically a three season trailer. 

The thing to watch for are water intrusion and corrosion.  With the enclosed belly on them, you do not know the condition of the frame.  They were prone to rust where the front A frame went into the belly.  Additionally, the water leaks were an issue at the front rock guard hinge and at the outside light by the door.  The rivets on the bottom are prone to corrosion at the aluminum and may need to be repaired.

A big issue was the leaf type door hinges were prone to breaking and the door falling off.  I replaced ours with stainless steel hinges.  Tom Patterson has a website for the SS trailers and I believe Eddie Huffstetter had a second batches of replacement hinges made.  The door locks and dead bolts are no longer manufactured and if you find one on EBay, it will be expensive.



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