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Looking for a toad


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Check eBay for the Dallas area. Smart car, Chevy HHR are not to heavy.
What is your towing weight limit?

Are you wanting one with a base plate, wiring for lights, tow bar, supplemental braking?
Or just some of the above?

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We are currently in the area.  We did our research a little differently - downloaded the Dinghy Guides from Motorhome magazine that went back to 2005 (they have older but we have SOME standards)!    Made myself a list, and then went to Carmax in Austin and said "Show us the manual transmissions cars on the lot."    We picked up our car - and then found out it was going to take about $4000 to get it ready.   The tow bar and braking system were about 2 grand, the plate that the car required another $400, and the rest of it was labor.  Just finished our first 500 miles with it.  So you can get the car and get it ready or find one already tricked out - but I think it unlikely your will find one done.   Good luck!

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They are available, just keep searching on craigslist.  I just bought a 2007 Jeep Liberty 4x4 with Blue Ox baseplate, new tires, ready to tow.  I changed the ends on my Demco tow bar, added the Readybrake cable and I'm ready to tow again.  Oh, it needed about $400 in repairs but I only paid $3500 for it.

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We purchased a 2016 KIA Soul standard shift to flat tow. The car weighs nothing and drives excellent with plenti of leg room on the for 6'2" passenger. Before that we flat towed a 99 Honda accord coupe v6 automatic. As mentioned earlier smart car is also a good option. We camped next to a couple with a Class 'C' and Smart Car set up. It was nice looking and seemed easy to maneuver the empty aluminum trailer.  


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