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Big5r ------- my truck is not wanted in Texas


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At least not in your nelghborhood.


The other day I did read my build sheet. It has what size tires and wheels.


But does not say how many.


Now if you had singles that may help in the discussion


It would really make your day if you could find me there though .



Now someday we do need to meet in person . Just not in Texas.



This just for fun.... Vern

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Just put four more tires on it, Vern. Or single it.


It doesn't matter if you comply with 99% of the rules. It matters if you comply with 100% of the rules, period. That's how it was in school, and that's how it is in the real world. If you drive the posted speed limit in the right-most lane appropriate for your direction of travel, and signal every lane change or turn, but you've axe-murdered some guy and have the parts in your trunk, you're still guilty of murder. You can get seventeen members of these forums to stand up at trial and proclaim you're wise and sweet and cute as butter, but if ya did the crime, you'll do the time.

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You can comply with 100% of the rules and still get busted. In August of 1978 I made my 1st trip to California with my brand new 1978 IH 4070B pulling a brand new Kentucky 45' trailer. Both units had about 3000 miles on them when I was pulled behind the scale on I-5 in Grapevine. California cited me for 1 out of adjustment brake, which they said was 1/4' beyond allowed travel. I required to take it to a mechanic, and have him sign the form and send it in. The mechanic did not want to tighten the brakes any further, he just signed it as repaired.

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You are retiring soon if I remember correctly. After you retire I will pm you to meet somewhere.


We have not been to Texas for two years but family and friends are wanting us to do that trip. So tome will tell.


The DW is in physical therapy for awhile so we do not know when we will be on the move again.


I am thinking about buying chains if we are stuck in Montana for awhile.


Safe Travels. Vern

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