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Warranty Forever Program


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I don't know about the "Warranty Forever" program; however, with MANY of these programs, they operate on a "GOT CHA" plan.


They stipulate that "routine maintenance" must be performed. That sounds alright on the surface, but hear my story......


I was traveling through Kansas in my 38' diesel pusher. when all of a sudden it stopped running. I got out and checked the engine and saw that the serpentine belt had broken, the alternator had stopped running, and the batteries had run down. We were just a few miles from a CoE park, so I started my generator, got out my battery charger, and charged my starter/running batteries while I drank a glass of iced tea. (Ain't RV Living grand :rolleyes: .


Now, I'll be the first to admit that I should have been monitoring the alternator gauge better, but we were facing a STRONG west wind, and I was working hard just to keep it on the road.


Anyway, I went on in to the CoE park, signed up, got to my site and went out back to see what the matter was. I had found the broken belt a little bit down the road from where I broke down. Upon inspection, one edge of the belt was very frayed. I couldn't tell that there was any problem with the pulleys that I could see, so I said, "Oh, well!".


I went and searched the RV and sure enough I had a SPARE serpentine belt in a zip-lock bag tucked away. It was one of those "Holy Spirit" moments where I had gotten the urge to buy a spare belt one time I was at the Freightliner shop. Amazing!


Anyway, I got out the spare belt, got my DW to come and help, put her on the 24" break-over bar on the idler wheel, and installed the new belt. We decided to drop down to IH-40 to get us to Canyon, our destination, and we stopped in Oklahoma City and tried to buy a new belt--just in case. There was NONE to be had in Oklahoma City. We tried FL, Caterpillar, and all of the truck houses. No Belt.


So we went on to Canyon.


I got my local friendly auto-repairman to check it out, and the A/C compressor bolts were a little loose which caused it to drop down just a little, which frayed the belt and ultimately broke it. He call my "Warranty CO. who said "Fine, we need his maintenance records showing that these bolts had been maintained. Are you kidding me. I have NEVER seen anything like "tighten A/C bolts" listed on a maintenance sheet.


So----I got a little wiser and canceled my policy, Good Riddance!

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Yep, all the warranty companies make their money collecting premiums, not by paying claims!


If you go with any plan read up on how other folks like the plan and make a checklist of every step they require. One phone call made five minutes late can derail your whole claim as can so many other things. If you do do something out of sequence or without approval at least with your checklist you'll know to keep your mouth shut about it.

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If you are talking about THIS : http://www.rvwarrantyforever.com/


I received it free when I bought my new travel trailer last March. It does require annual inspection which can be conducted by any licensed RV repair shop.


For motorhomes and other self powered RVs, it requires an inspection of the powertrain and running gear. I have not used it yet, and hope I don't have to. It only covers certain specific components, but has no deductible. HOWEVER, be advised that it is NOT TRANSFERABLE.


In any event, it was free. No, the dealer didn't jack the price of the trailer to include it. I got a terrific deal at Camper Clinic in Rockport TX when I bought my trailer. It's the second trailer I have purchased there.

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