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Our first ...."episode"


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At least in this RV. Without going into the gory details, I'm looking for recommendations for a good odor absorber. Not interested in an air freshener. I rented a Rug Doctor and used some Nature's Miracle but we still have a bit of a funky odor. I've heard of using fresh, ground coffee.

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rent an ozone generator, run it for a couple of days, odor gone.




Ozone generators are what a lot of apartment managers use to remove pet/cigarette odors from apartments they want to rent to new occupants.


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You really want to be elsewhere, and any pets too, when running a heavy duty ozone generator. Burning eyes and tender lungs are no fun! That said there is little better for dealing with an overall funky smell that a couple days of a high level of ozone.


You might find that hiring a service to do the ozone treatment is not a bad deal, check for a disaster (fire, smoke, water leak type) clean-up service near you.

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All of the above. When we bought our first motorhome I bought a heavy duty ozone generator and it is cured all the problems that we had. Actually my local RV repair shop rents mine from me on occasions when they have a odor problem and a customer's RV. Little pricey but well worth the effort and certainly worth it if you can find one to rent.

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