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Smart Car

Bob Cochran

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I know been awhile since I posted but I have been watching just no useful input to contribute.


Anyway the other day lifted the window hatch and let go. Dang thing came down so hard would have broken or lost fingers if hand not gotten them out of the way. So I need to replace the struts, springs or shock what ever you choose to call them. Took off one ok other flat not working at all. I figure one bad the other soon to follow replace both.


Got an OEM part cost I think was $67 each!!!!! What can you expect from Mercedes I guess. I got two for just under $18 each(way better did not try for cheaper lazy) from Car Parts Discount(carpartsdiscount.com). Possible source should you need some and maybe NAPA or other local part supply have them I did not check. Someplace could be cheaper if you want to check around with free shipping. I paid $11 for shipping so that is a consideration. Still total cost of the two I got was less one of dealer OEM part and you know would have charged shipping too I never got that far with them.


Have great evening.



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We have one of the new 2016 Smart Primes. It was time for a oil change after we left the Escadape. I started looking for a oil filter and know one carries the oil filter. I was told I had to go to the dealership. I located a dealership in NY state and they did not even have a oil filter on hand had to order some for the new 2016 Smart Cars. Dealer price on the oil filter was $21.00. Hopefully someone will be stocking them by the time I need a the next oil change.


"Happy Trails"


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