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Boondocking suggestions Gand Junction to Moab and Canyonlands


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We'll be traveling through Grand Junction, Co toward Moab in a few days. We're going to take 128 and follow the CO River.


Do folks have suggestions on good boondocking spots? This will be our first time seeking out spots and I'm not sure whether we'll just "know it when we see it" or do we need to do more planning?


From Moab we'll be heading toward Canyon Lands. We'll probably be in the general area for at least 30 days and we don't intend on moving more than 2 or 3 times so we can really explore the area.


Thanks in advance.

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Thanks. I wasn't sure which forum saw the most action thus the dual post.


While I'm sure there are exceptions, I think most of us use the "View New Content" button at the top right to view all new topics/posts since our last visit (or past 24 hours, or whatever you select on the left-hand side of the page) no matter which specific forum it's in.

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