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Anyone have experience with "Breeze Cat Litter"?

Al F

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In another topic, here, there was mention of the Breeze Cat Litter system. This system uses pellets which they claim allows the urine to pass down to an absorbent pad and the solid matter to stay on top. With 2 cats the pad needs to be replaced about twice a week.




-- What is your experience with the life of the pads? 2 pads a week at $9 for a pack of 4 comes to $4.50 a week for pads


-- Could the pads be washed, dried and reused?


-- How often do you replace the pellets? I would think that after a few weeks a certain amount of urine would stay on the the pellets and coat them.


-- Could the pellets be washed and dried?


It sure would be nice to get rid of the small grains of cat litter, which get tracked out of the litter box and wind up on the floor/carpet.

Al & Sharon
2006 Winnebago Journey 36G 
2020 Chevy Colorado Toad
San Antonio, TX


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Al, my wife and I found a different kind of cat litter that seems to be a lot better at controlling odors, HOWEVER, it still needs to be scooped at least every other day. The litter is Arm and Hammer Naturals Clumping Litter with corn fibers. So far it seems to be doing good, but we have only been using it about two weeks.


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We use the Breeze system. It is very convenient for us. Our cat took right to it. His #1 goes as advertised onto the diaper and we only need to change it once a week. #2 is just scoop out and shake the pellets of and you are good to go. We only exchange the once a month.

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