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Mexico Caravan lists


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I occasionally post the latest on this. If you are scared to RV in Mexico, that is fine, but I don't need to hear about it in this thread. I am scared to RV in Dallas, Orlando & San Bernardino as well, so I understand.


Here is a list of reputable long lasting companies IMO, currently running RV Caravans into Mexico. There are others, but I question their viability or claims they make. When choosing a caravan visit their web site and check out exactly what they are offering. Check their testimonials. If they do not post any, run. You can often decide based onthe average cost per day, but also remember that some excoursions, especially those to Copper Canyon, will jack that value up. Another consideration is size of the caravan. 10-14 is about what I consider ideal. Waiting 30 min for everyone to get through a red light is no fun. You also need to consider cost of insurance, road tolls & fuel which is not included, plus the cost to do a few upgrades like a high/low voltage protector or CB if they require one. Since most companies will not mention the fact that ULSD diesel is not available unless you do, be sure to ask them about that as well. (There are some cases where its OK). Ask them if all tours are included or some are optional and what arrangement they make for pets if more than one day excursions are involved. Do not get blindsided with extra costs. Ask them if they have tailgunners who are mechanically trained. Some companies utilize the Green Angels (Like AAA) which is actually better. Ask them about how many days of dry camping are involved, there are always some. Ask them how much is windshield tiem vs relax time? Will they discount future trips for you? I am an experienced Wagon Master so feel free to PM me with any questions, regarding permits insurance, etc


Exclusively Baja:


Baja Amigos http://www.bajaamigos.net

Baja Winters http://www.bajawinters.com


Exclusively Mainland


Caravanas de Mexico http://www.mexicocaravan.com


Both Baja & Mainland


Adventure caravans http://www.adventurecaravans.com/

Fantasy Caravans http://www.fantasyrvtours.com


Club Based


Escapees - occasionally have rallies a short way into Mexico

Vagabubndos del Mar (uses Caravanas de Mexico for mainland) http://www.vagabundos.com


Beyond Mexico


Adventure trek http://www.adventuretrek.com/

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