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Quick Release Valve

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So I got to spend my Saturday afternoon replacing one of these...


The actual item replaced was a Haldex, and ended up traveling to the Raleigh NC Volvo dealer to get the Haldex part #3081462. Dealer was the same price as Napa! Surprise!

Not hard to do, 2 airlines that go to the rear brake chambers, 2 push-lock 3/8 lines that I believe come off of the parking brake valve and run thru the original harness of the truck- 1 red 1 green.

Enter the 18-year-old mounting bolts, as this item had never been replaced, coated in original frame paint, caked in several years of road grime. Had to take a chisel and scrape paint of two opposing facets so a wrench would fit the bolt head, then used vise-grips on the nut side. Had to use the 2-foot cheater pipe on the 13mm wrench to turn the bolt about 3 full revolutions, making about a 1/16 turn at a time. Between the extra paint on the bolt head, and the way the deck was mounted right on top of this little valve, an impact wrench was not able to be used...... yea!!!

Reason for replacing was it was blowing air. Chances are a rubber diaphragm ruptured after 18 years. Haven't taken it apart yet.

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