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Real-Life Optimus Prime Truck Transforms Into Spacious Home


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1500 sq, ft. home towed behind? Here is a short article and a video showing how they are designed. The amazing part is that they are serious! Is this an RV or a new fangled mobile home? Is this the next HDT fad?




"This mobile home is a real-life transformer.


In a matter of minutes, it morphs from unassuming vehicle to full-size home. It starts out looking like an average semi truck….until the walls and flooring pop out and everything starts to take shape. The result: a full size home with almost everything but a toothbrush.

Russian designers Dahir Insaat came up with two design options for the transformer home. The single-story version gives you roughly 1,500 sq. ft. of living space. The two story option provides an astounding 2,690 sq. ft. The home runs on a diesel generator and is capable of running electricity, plumbing, and water.


Now that’s what we call (Optimus) prime real estate."


The video that shows the concept is here:​ http://www.vocativ.com/324174/real-life-optimus-prime-truck-transforms-into-spacious-home/


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It is a concept only now AFAIK. If anyone tries to build them I'm sure we will see it too. It was just a lot of money in CG to present it. I wonder what need they are trying to fill? Military deployments obviously and the camo rendition hints there. They are made like shipping containers so getting them overseas presents no transport problems.



I don't see myself, or anyone, loading and unloading a trailer full of furniture/possessions. Crazy?

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