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Decryption Utilities Unlock Files Encrypted by All TeslaCrypt Versions


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This is good news indeed. Although not for beginners the files are available now for free, and the newest versions that are linked to in the aerticle unlock all four versions of Teslacrypt Ransomware.




"For close to a month, the master encryption key unlocking files ravaged by TeslaCrypt has been publicly available, putting an end to a profitable strain of ransomware.


In the weeks since, various decryptors have been developed that can be used to unlock files. Kaspersky Lab, for one, updated its Rakhni utility to include TeslaCrypt v3 and 4 decryption capabilities, and yesterday, Cisco joined the fray, updating its own decryptor to address all four versions of TeslaCrypt.


The master key, released on May 19, unlocked files encrypted by versions 3 and 4 of TeslaCrypt, said Earl Carter, security research engineer with Cisco Talos, the company’s research arm.


“We’re not sure [the master key] works on previous versions,” Carter said. “Version 2 had a flaw and was decrypted, plus we had the decryptor for the original. All the different decryptors required the user to figure out which version they were infected with and find the right decryptor. We updated our original tool so that now everything is in one spot.”


Great article, with much more. You have to go to the article for the active links to the utilities. If my system were encrypted I would spend the time learning how to ID it and decrypt it here: https://threatpost.com/decryption-utilities-unlock-files-encrypted-by-all-teslacrypt-versions/118602/

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