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Best computer buy today on Woot


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OK folks I am only passing along a deal offered on Woot which I can speak to because I own the predecessor 2720. They are selling the Dell XPS 27-2720 All-in-One Touch Desktop, 27" QHD IPS Touchscreen, Intel Core i7-4790S Quad-Core 3.2GHz, NVIDIA GT750M 2GB, 16GB DDR3, 2TB HDD + 32GB SSD, 802.11ac, Bluetooth, Win8,


It does retail for $2269 and this is new with the great Dell warranty for $1389.99


The 27" Quad HD resolution is fully utilizable in that you get a 27" almost 4k TV if you like me add a 60 buck Hauppauge TV tuner that plugs into any of the six USB ports.


IT has both HDMI out ports, but also an HDMI in port. You can use it for BluRay player or like me, if you have access to broadband like in your stix n brix, you can hook up an Amazon fire TV to it. I have over the air TV that is awesome HD 1080p on it with the added tuner, and it beats all but our new UHD 4k TV.


I prefer my Bose Computer 2.1 Companion 3 series II speakers ( http://www.ebay.com/itm/Bose-companion-3-/191891347774?hash=item2cad9d993e:g:n14AAOSwhOBXUF-W ) but this system has an excellent built in speaker system, no external needed for movies, TV or DVDs. Mine only has a DVD burner this one says it has a BDROM meaning it will burn DVDs but Playback BluRay discs.


There are a few differences. Mine has the earlier i7 4770S 3.10 GHz. This has the newer 4790S.


Mine has the same 6 USB 3 ports but an additional Thunderbolt port this one does not have a thunderbolt port.


Mine has 8GB RAM this one has 16GB!




I love mine and paid $999.99 for it refurbished by Dell with a one year warranty that I needed at first but renewed and haven't needed.


This one is new. I mention it because despite it being heavy, it can easily replace a TV and handle any HDMI peripheral one could want to use.


You might get a dud, or you may not like this computer. I am just passing along my experience and if I did not have it today I would be ordering that one personally.


As always individual decision, Caveat Emptor, YMMV. I could likely sell mine for what I Paid for it and get this one but I like my setup now.


It comes with 8 but I can say that mine which is a year or two older model than this one on sale runs Windows 10 perfectly, no issues with mine. The free upgrade offer only lasts till next month.


If they are sold out sorry but Woot is a widely used website system now Owned by Amazon.

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