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My wife and I camped for years in travel trailers. We quit in 04 when my son was diagnosed. We are wanting to start over. This time we want a class c. I found an 09 Tioga Ranger 25g. It appears to be in good shape . I have only seen craigslist pics so far. It belongs to a retired couple who purchased it new. The unit only has 7850 miles on it. The low miles is a major concern for me. The unit has all the options I want including custom paint. They are asking 42,000 for the unit. They seem to be willing to drop a little. The asking price is the loan payoff so who knows. I need any and all advice on this possible purchase, so fire away. Thanks for any advice.


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Look up the book price on nada.com and a search of the net including Craigslist.com & ebay.com. IMHO Craigslist & Ebay are the true guides of pricing. Seems high but check it out yourself. I am a fan of older rigs so the age and miles don't bother me.


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Good day.

May I suggest you consider having an inspection of the unit performed by a National RV Inspection Association certified inspector. Very much like a home inspector, they are a third party who is independent and not associated with a repair shop or an RV dealer where their credibility could be questioned. You can discuss this option with a sister company called RV Inspection Connection. They will go over the, types of inspections that are available, what the cost would be, and give you an idea of when it could take place. When you talking about spending that kind of money, getting an independent inspection done could save you big bucks down the road.


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A 2009 with 7850 miles on it sounds great but it obviously wasn't used often. Sometimes that's good but you really should have it checked over for any mechanical issues from sitting so long, the engine and the generator. Check the tire dates. Even if it wasn't driven much, they can deteriorate just be sitting. These would all be good bargaining tools. Good luck!


For an '09 it does seem high but then I haven't been following prices. Do your homework.

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I asked the owners about the low miles. The reply was every 10 days or so they drove it. Stored inside for the winter. I asked about price. They said the payoff is 43k. I said I would go 36 if all checked out. That offer was refused. I sent an email last night asking the bottom dollar . No reply. NADA said 42 to 48. Very nice looking and most all options. Still a 7yr old MH. The search continues. I found the same model in tenn. Same miles and options, except for paint scheme. Dealer is asking 39k. Sale is pending with another buyer. They will call if any change.


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Be very careful on Craigslist buys. I have been involved with a few scams that I caught before it became a reality. Don't get me wrong, Craigslist is a good way to buy, just be careful. My theory on Craigslist is, if its to good to be true, it probably is! Good luck on your find!



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It is important to remember that on older RVs (age) with low or high mileage It can be belts and hoses as well tires that all need to be replaced. So if you take that into consideration the price could be much higher than expected. Good luck in your search.


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