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Superglide Hitch


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I'm in the process of reviewing 5'er hitches. After watching U-tube videos of the Superglide and visiting their website for additional info, it appears to be the way to go relative to auto glide for 6.5' short beds. I realize there are less expensive options and don't mind the manual releasing of a slider, but sure would be nice not to bother with another task when on the road. Anyone have any input?

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I decided to to go the expense of the Pullrite Superglide and never regretted it. I saw many people say they started out with a manual slider until the first time they did not release it because they thought they did not need to or it was raining and busted their rear window or bent their post and wished they had spent the money to start with and had upgraded after.


I really liked mine but when I upgraded my truck I got a long bed.

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I'll resurrect this thread to say I received excellent, above-and-beyond service from Pullrite today.  The rocker arm spring on my older 4400 hitch broke the other day.  Since I was close to South Bend I called the company and asked if I could come by and get a replacement.  I also asked if they had someone available who could evaluate my hitch.  This is an older model and it has well over 10,000 miles of towing on it and I thought it might be wise to get it looked over.  They said they would be happy to look it over anytime during the middle of the week.  

Today I showed up; no appointment.  They had me back into a bay and one of their guys immediately went to work on the hitch.  I had no thought of them actually working on it, but he cheerfully took the head off and fixed the broken spring.  He then looked the hitch over, replacing a couple of springs on the trigger.  Then, he handed me a baggie with the trigger pin replacement kit, remarking that that was a fairly common failure and I might want to have a spare on hand.  He said my hitch was a great shape and ready to go, complimenting me for doing regular maintenance on it.

I asked where I pay and he said, "no charge, have a good day."  I handed him a "tip" of some coffee money and drove out.

Tell you what, that is excellent service on a great product.

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