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Frigidaire FFET1222QB Refrigerator

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I have a Dometic NDR1062 refrigerator with an Armish cooling unit that was installed 11/16/15 and has failed. I am seriously considering installing the Frigidaire FFET1222QB residential refrigerator. I am looking for information from someone that has installed the FFET1222QB. My Dometic is installed over my furnace directly in front of my entrance door as you walk in. The dimensions of the FFET1222QB are close enough to the Dometic that it should fit directly in the space of the Dometic. The specifications for the FFEB1222QB show that it will operate from 10 degrees to 110 degrees. The specs indicate that it needs 12" of top space for ventilation. I have a small storage area above my Dometic that I can remove for the required ventilation.




Has anyone actually installed this unit?

How did you secure the unit for travel?

What is you impression of the unit?

How well has it maintained temperatures under varying conditions?

Did you enclose the ventilation area behind the refrigeration and the vent on the roof?

Did you provide the 12" ventilation space on top?

Do you run it from an inverter, MSW or PSW?

Would you install it again?






International 4700LP (2000)

Travel Supreme (36RLTSOA)


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I looked at a Frigidaire model similar to yours, but decided on a Whirlpool fridge instead because of its better clearances. See Residential Refrigerator Upgrade.


I've had it for a couple of years now. Works great. Fridge is running off a pure sine inverter.

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We put in a Frigidaire 1514 because at the time it was what we could find that would fit at a reasonable cost. Shortly after installation the evaporator fan module went out. I'm not sure it was working the way it was supposed to from the time we got it - installer indicated they tested it prior to installation and it was working but I'm not sure a quick plug-in would show a defective evaporator fan. Then, I had noticed the installer apparently tested it on the inverter (MSW) after installation since the inverter was turned on and I don't normally run with it on. Quite the adventure getting it fixed under warranty given the lack of concern the authorized service provider demonstrated. Thank goodness we were in place for a couple of months. Anyway - that made me real nervous about running on MSW so I got a PSW inverter and put it in. No problems since other than some occasional random variations in temperature control requiring resetting the temp control settings - movement? environmental change?


I do have some ventilation space up top, but not 12 inches. Held in with L brackets. Vents are sealed but installation allowed for a 5 inch broom closet on 1 side the door to which is left ajar.


I'd do a residential again anytime - and I know selection is going to be really restricted by size limits - unless I want to do some serious modification.

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