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Free, must-have Google Chrome extensions


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"If you are a Google Chrome user and you're not making use of extensions, then you are really missing out. Here are a selection of extensions aimed specifically at boosting your productivity and privacy.

Get more done with free privacy and productivity extensions for Google Chrome

Google Chrome is more than just a web browser. It's a platform for getting things done on the internet, and by downloading and installing some choice extensions, you can customize your browser to work the way you want it to work.

Here are over two dozen extensions that focus on privacy and productivity. With these you can take screenshots, secure your browser, keep your passwords safe, take control of your tabs, secure your connection, do more with Gmail, grab text out of images, and much more."


The whole article, with 32 Gallery pictures of the extensions is here: http://www.zdnet.com/pictures/free-must-have-google-chrome-extensions/

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