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The Fuse Monster Leaves no Trace!


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Some Levity mixed with confusion:


So my truck has a 12V plug in the sleeper for a tv/microwave whatever.


I got a 300W inverter and plugged it in there and we've been using it every day for 6 weeks now for charging all of our iDoohickies and even a small dyson vaccuum. Never had any trouble.


Then we plug in a charger for a big canon camera battery and boom CECU power loss message flashes in the dash console...


No worries right? It's just a blade fuse 30 amp I figure. First I check the inverter it has a 40 amp fuse still intact so it has to be a truck fuse.


No problem, pop the fuse cover and look at the sleeper accessory fuse position.....there's no fuse! What the....


So i plug the inverter into another 12v plug and it works fine. Still doesn't work in the sleeper. Ok back to fuse box


I figure somehow by some miracle the fuse was ejected from it's slot when it blew so it's lying around somewhere...nope nothing anywhere....


What the....is going on. I Stick a new 30 amp fuse in there and the sleeper 12v plug works again


So I've got a fuse monster that eats blown fuses without leaving a trace or there's a more logical explanation for this??


Is this weird or what yikes


I don't know if there was a fuse in there to begin with so maybe just maybe the 12v plug was getting power another way? Ok then so I have a blown fuse somewhere else? Nope. Nothing


The fuse monster did it!

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Well...... one possibility is that there are two fuses in parallel feeding your circuit. Intentional or accidental? No idea.... just thinkin'.


Anyway, I've seen it that way before. Like, two 20 Amp fuses side-by-side. Now, if both fuses are there the circuit will handle up to 40 amps (in theory anyway). But, pull one out and it has 20 amp protection. So, one fuse location is empty and the other blows. You can't find the blown fuse but happen to find the empty spot and pop in another fuse. Bingo! The circuit is complete again. Now to find the missing blown fuse.................... that is, if there really is one B)


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