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Windows 10 tip: Look up your IP address quickly


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The experts likely do it the longer way. I thought nothing of this since I keep Task Manager pinned to my task bar so it is one click and always visible. You folks that are going to come here and say I just 'cmd /k ipconfig', or I just open a command prompt and type ipconfig. Duh,

But this way is great for folks that aren't as experienced as I am, and make mental notes, then lose their notebook! (I do that too! :o )

These Windows 10 tips are for the folks that rarely need this and makes it easier. I keep task manager in my task bar as a faster way to one click then highlight IE then "End Task" if something appears to be downloading I did not ask for. This way and the longer ones only give your internal IP address. See the article for the external IP Address.




"You don't need to dig deep into Control Panel or use a command line to find your IP address. That information (IPv4 and IPv6) is in Task Manager, if you know where to look.


Those addresses are for internal use only, of course. To find the external address of your network (typically the address of your router), you can type What's my IP address into Google's search box, which returns the IPv6 address that the request was sent from. Bing shows an IPv4 address for the same request."




The whole article with related links and pictures is here:


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