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First and foremost, I have absolutely no connection to this shop. This is the first time that I used this shop and I would go back to them again.


A little background history:


1. My truck had an annoying exhaust leak from the day that I bought it. If I was stopped, at a red light, the fumes would migrate into the cab. During a Regen, white smoke would billow out from under the cab, if I was parked. Very scary the first time that it happened. Driving down the road, there was no issue. When I took the truck into repair for an oil leak (see below), they checked for exhaust leaks and found the flex pipe, going to the DPF, was cracked. I did no ask them to check for exhaust leaks, they did this on their own and called me about the problem. I authorized the repair. The annoying leak is gone. Although I did not check, I suspect that the engine might be quieter.


2. My truck had an oil leak from the day I bought it. It would "pee" all over the driveway which made the DW a bit unhappy. I took it to the Volvo dealer, for repair and, the leak came back in a few months. This time, the oil leak was diagnosed as the "dreaded wiring loom" leak. And, if the leak goes uncheck, the oil would eventually wick its way into the ECU. I authorized the repair which involved removing the valve cover and replacing the entire wire loom that controls the injectors and other things.


Here is what impressed me about these Mechanic Shop:


1. It is a family run business. I generally like family businesses over "corporate" businesses because the service is better with the family run business.


2. The owners used to work for a Volvo dealer, as mechanics.


3. One of the owners took the time to show me, on another truck, what will happen if the wiring loom oil leak is not fixed. The oil was in the ECU and the connectors. He showed and explained to me, on my truck, what was involved to install the wire loom. It is a huge job. When I sell my truck, I will make sure to tell the prospective buyer that the wiring loom has been replaced.


4. He also took the time to show me, on my truck, the flex pipe going to the DPF.


5. He told me they always run a Regen to test for a cracked flex pipe. Apparently, the flex pipes have been known to crack.


Well, I got home, about two hours ago and, there are no more oil drips on the driveway. Sheesh, the things I do to make the DW happy. :rolleyes:


The name of the shop is AMC Diesel Truck Repair in Long Beach, CA. The phone number is (562) 436-8200. I spoke with Mannie.


I noticed that the Resource Guide has a category for Repair shops, but only the moderators can add names to the list. I would recommend that this mechanic shop be added to the list.

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