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fire extinguisher under hood


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Good morning,


Now that I no longer have my worthless Norcold I no longer need a fire extenguisher in fridge compartment. It is a fire Fight 165 degree halon fire suppression system design. Any Ideas on where to mount it under the hood or would some where else be more appropriate?


Thanks a bunch.



John and Michal Bagley 1999 Volvo 610 the 'Millennium Falcon', 400 hp ISM, Autoshift Gen 2, single axel w/steel bed, Pressure Pro, VMSPC, Trailer Saver Air Hitch, 3 bags, 38 foot Royals International, and our 3 dogs.

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We used to use a Halon years ago in boat engine compartments, it as well as Co2 were fine in contained spaces but in a truck engine compartment, it is open at the bottom so not sure of the value.

Cold fire will stick to a vertical surface, not sure about AFF, also foaming agent. It's been a long time. ABC's are messy and they don't always work. Very few people take it out of the truck and loosen up the crystals which compact with vibration. Pull the pin and all you get is propellant.

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