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Spartan chassis air bag replacement


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Crawled under the coach a few weeks ago and discovered the rear air bags are pretty badly checked and cracked. Decided to replace them. Received the new bags Friday and found the bottom (cone portion) is plastic versus aluminum. Spartan recommends installing an aluminum plate under them for additional protection. No problem, will order them fromn Spartan tomorrow.

Question for the group is any tips or suggestions to make the job as easy and safe as possible? Obviously plan to block/support the coach well before crawling under it. I have never changed a bag but it certainly looks doable for this 70 year old f*rt.


Appreciate any recommendations.



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I think I'll watch this topic because I had thoughts of "possibly" changing my air bags on a '96 coach. It all looks fairly simple except that there's 8 of them. I may check the shock's first since there even easier to get to! Good luck with yours and please report back on any problems you run into.

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Got them changed this afternoon. On my coach there are only 4 bags (2 front and 2 rear).


Ended up being a two man job due to accessibility to both bolt head (on the inside of the frame rail) and the nut (on the outside). Regardless, it took about two and a half hours (with a coffee break included). The two top bolts in the frame rail were torqued VERY tight. Had to use a 36" cheater to break them loose. The next most difficult part was the air lines - there is no room up in there to get a 1" open end wrench on them. Had to take all the mounting hardware off and let the bag drop down a few inches in order to get to the flange nut on the air line.


Might have been easier if I had pulled the wheels but I kind of like the idea of having them there if something holding 32,000 pounds decides to give way.


Glad I tackled the job (with neighbor's help - who just happened to drive up at just the right time) and probably saved $200-300.


Hope this helps someone else get the courage to tackle the job.



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