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Lost pet


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On Monday the 25th of April out cat got out of the truck. We did not know this until half way back to home at Rainbows End in Livingston Texas..

She is a Silver Tabby and is 14 years old.

We were a Betty’s RV Park in Abbeville, LA.

If anyone is going there PLEASE keep an eye out for her.

She is missed a whole bunch.

Jon & Sue Glick



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Do a search for any humane societies, animal rescue groups, animal shelters etc for the area and notify them also. If in a remote area, or small community area, check for county groups.


Also - craigslist, lost & found - many times people will list pets they found with a photo and contact information there. You will have to decide which area craigslist would be the closest to Betty's. Also - check the free listing - sometimes they are there also.


Good luck finding your kitty.

Pat DeJong

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"I/We" would have also made a trip back to the cg assuming this is where she got out of the truck. I would recommend you go back again and hopefully can stay for "several days". She just might show up if she senses your presence or detects your scent. I can only assume that you checked with the cg office and they didn't indicate that anyone had found/saw her in the last several days? Is she micro chipped? Keep us informed. :(

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I know cats aren't outside a lot like dogs- but this is a heads-up that everyone should have their furkids chipped, cats too. And if you have them chipped, ask any vet to scan them every time you visit. We had one go bad. (Home Again not only sent a new chip, they paid my vet to replace it!)

Best of luck finding Jez.

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