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Verizon Cell Ph & Data in Canada. $2/day per device

Al F

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We are currently three days into Canada, using the Verizon Travel Pass feature. $2/day for each device. Only charged for the days you connect the device to the cell towers. Also the $2 is for 24 hours and we are getting a text notification that the current 24 hours is ending and we will be charged for an additional 24 hours if we continue using the device.


You have to have a Verizon plan with a device which is able to connect internationally. I think most smart phones are this way. The data, text & voice come off the allotment you have on your current USA plan.


We have been using the jetpack and one cell phone for the last 2 days and they have worked fine. About as well as they do in the USA in remote areas. Data download speed has been in the 1.5-3 Mbps range. Some slow downs from time to time.


We have not been in large cities. I am writing this sitting at a small lake about 10 miles from Merritt, BC. We drove about 1 mile down a gravel road to get here. Great view of the lake & sky.


More info here at the Verizon website.







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Looks good, Al! I didn't see anything at the link about how to add Travel Pass to my plan though. Is it an automatic thing for devices/plans that qualify?

Welllll, that was the confusing part, adding the Travel Pass. I don't remember the steps I took to get it added online. It has been about 10-12 days since I added the feature. Even once I added it, I wasn't really sure I had the feature.


In general, what I did was to log on to my account and poked around the International Travel Plans until I was pretty sure I had added the $2 per day Canada (and Mexico comes with it I think) plan. Mainly the website comes up with different international plans, but no simple "click here for this plan".


I did get an email confirmation that I had made changes. The email was titled "Your next bill spelled out. No Surprises!" And then listed my old dollar amount followed by my new dollar amount. Well, since there is no charge for the feature until you actually use the device in Canada, the dollar amounts didn't change. Logging on to my account and looking at my features did seem to show an addition for an international plan, but nothing really specific.


The day we crossed the border we left our phones on and got text messages about signing up for the $2/day plan. Go figure. I called the number in the text message and the person at Verizon confirmed we indeed did have the feature on our phones & Jetpack.


This isn't the first time I have had a great deal of difficulty finding a simple straight answer about features or changing phones on the Verizon website. Nothing seems to be simple with Verizon's website.


I do have to say, it is great to be able to sit here in our RV and access the internet w/o dealing with the WiFi from an RV park or any other place. It is well worth the $2/day to have hassle free internet in Canada. Of course the access still depends on having the signal strength and that the company you are "roaming" at will provide the data connection.


So far we have had good luck in the following towns in BC: Hope, Princeton, Merritt, and tonight Williams Lake. Of course this is the main travel corridor, kind of like cell coverage along the interstate in the USA.

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I called Verizon, and was informed that my plan did not qualify. I wonder if it's because I have a grandfathered unlimited data plan. But I just don 't trust the information I get from them. It depends on the rep you speak to.

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