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insurance question on purchasing a HD truck to legally drive home


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My husband and I are actively searching for a Volvo HD truck. I am needing advice on the procedure to get the truck home legally. We would like to drive it home from out of state, but neither of us has a CDL. Can we get the dealership to generate the new title as a private RV out of state or must this be done in the County in which you live? As long as we add the microwave, and porta-potty for an inspection. If not, how do I insure until the title is changed over? And with which insurance company? Thank you in advance.

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Welcome to the Escapee forums! We enjoy helping folks here so you are in the right place. One other thing that I suggest that you do is to contact your vehicle insurance agent to discuss this. When you buy a car it is covered on your insurance for a grace period, but I'm not sure if that would apply to a big truck but your agent can answer that question.

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There may be another consideration besides insurance. A friend bought an HDT over the internet from a dealer in Mobile. Flew to Mobile to drive it home to Missouri. Dealer wouldnt release the truck to him because the friend didn't have a CDL. He had to pay for his FIL to fly to Mobile (FIL had CDL) to drive it back to



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I think the bottom line is what you're allowed to drive based on the state you're licensed in. None of the other states drivers license rules matter.


Since I assume you'll be driving back bobtailed your only talking about can you drive a vehicle with three axels, I'm assuming it's not been converted to two axels such as Greg's RV Haulers, and it's weight. If you can then your good to go.


However I'd have the DOT tags removed, the DOT hitch removed and marked with "Private Coach, Not for Hire" on it.


This is why it's easier to get one from RV Haulers, or another up fitter like them, rather than go it on your own.

John & Joyce


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If you search the HD forum, you will learn that an HD truck is NOT a commercial vehicle UNLESS it is being used for commercial purposes.


If you are not using it for commercial purposes, you DO NOT need a CDL to drive an HD truck UNLESS your domicile state requires it. And I highly doubt they do.


Insurance will need to be purchased in your domicile state. Registration is a question for your domicile state's DMV. Temp tags can likely be purchased thru the DMV in the state you're buying. As an example, Missouri is an easy state to get a 90 day temp tag.


Florida is NOT friendly to personal use HD trucks, even if they are currently titled as a motorhome in another state. Perhaps your domicile state will view the truck as a motorhome, especially if it is currently titled as a motorhome. Again, that is a DMV question.

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