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Lost our cell antenna - replacement thoughts?

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I've had good results with Gord's Maximum Signal trucker antenna, the 39" one with 9DB.




Sure was not the Antenna's fault, I augmented the magnetic hold with a few daps of caulking too. (Found a few times in the first year of usage, where strong wind conditions and driving had knocked it down. Never a problem after the dab of caulk was added.) Suspect just a few too many hits from tree limbs, and a recent visit to tire shop where I bet the antenna made contact to the top of the 14' doors as I pulled in. Snapped it off at the base.


I'm one of the gang waiting for the new Maximum Signal Booster Amp to hit the streets. So with that in mind, wondering if anyone has any recommendations for replacements of the broken antenna?


-> Wait and use the stubby antennas that comes with the Maximum Signal Booster Amp


-> By the same antenna that just broke


-> Install another antenna


I have been also reading and following Technomadia's ongoing Antenna Review. Unfortunately they don't have a Maximum Signal Amp to use in this test, but suspect the info will be relevant to it when completed.


We don't head out on this years travels until Mid May, so have three or so weeks to decide what to do. Could just run the stubby that came with the WeBoost Sleek for now, to hold us over.


I looked here, may have missed it, but I thought Gord had recommended another antenna for the up coming new amp, but can't find that post? So Gord, if you're reading, please advise:)!


Also appreciate any suggestions from all. Best to the gang,


Be safe, have fun,


04 CC Allure "RooII" - Our "E" ride for life!

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Smitty, are you still in Yuma? If so I have one of the 39" magnetic mount antennas from Gord and you can have it. The threaded part coming out of the magnetic base is bent but the antenna still seems to work fine.



PS Had it on the roof of my pickup but it proved to be too tall too often so I took it off.

2012 Landmark, San Antonio

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