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Follow up on Tires

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Just a follow up on a post I made about a year and a half ago.

We changed out the tires on the 5th wheel after 5 years of service they are Goodyear G-614 tires and still looked good .But with the advice I received here and other places we changed them as a proactive measure. As and experiment I placed the 4 old tires that still showed no sign of wear on a flatbed farm trailer that I haul equipment and hay on with the idea of running them until they blow .


Fast forward to last Sunday I was loaded and moving about 15000 lbs. of tractor and implements from 200 miles away back home. total wt. was in the 25-28 K range . The first of the Goodyear's finally let go by throwing the cap ,this was a rear tire on a 3 axle trailer and during tight loaded turns is generally the one that slides., air pressure was good the tire was at 95 PSI even after the cap came off.

I plan to keep running the remaining 3 at least until the next one goes but did find it interesting the timing from changing these tires off the 5ver and the time remaining on the tire.


To sum it up its a matter of do you feel lucky. IMHO change your tires at or shortly after the 5 year mark or you are taking the chance of a blowout that could remove the side of your house.


Thought I would give a final update regarding this . The remaining 3 G-614 tires are no more . I left out last Monday with the same load going to the same place in East Texas . Less than a 100 miles and the 2nd tire blew out and before I got home the other 2 let go .

Long story short on an RV trying to get that extra year or two out of tires is just not worth it in my opinion .

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Tex Bigfoot,

Thanks for tire follow up post! I just put some 614's on my trailer! Hope in 5+ years they will still be running!

Trailer: Montana 5th wheel, model 3582Rl, model year 2012


Truck: Ford 450 PSD Super Duty, 2002 Crew Cab, Long bed, 4:88 rear end, last of the 7.3 engines, Automatic Transmission.

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I'll be going back into east Texas with more or less the same load in mid to late May.

With the added heat of May it will be interesting to see if another one goes or if this was just a freak thing.

On open interstate I tend to run about 70MPH and was doing so when this one let go .

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