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Read and compare your billing statements

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I've had our phone service for 10+ years, and although we have upgraded equipment, the contract is still essentially the same. So as I was trying to look for ways to reduce my monthly bill, I was quite surprised what I saw. What is happening is that the phone company continually improves plans features at lower costs. But if you don't ask for it, they will not offer it.


My example: I have 2 phone lines, 2 tablet lines, and one hot spot line. Also includes 12GB of data (Verizon XL plan). Our monthly bill is $170 plus a whole raft of added fees and taxes.


Verizon is offering a package with 4 lines and 20GB of data for $80 (!). When I called and asked for this plan,I was told it only for new or upgraded plans. Now my wife's phone is an older iPhone and qualifies for an upgrade. To trade hers in on a new 5SE is $10 a month. Adding one line adds $10.


So now I have 5 lines, 20GB of data, and a new DW phone for $100 a month. More stuff, at a big savings. Wish I would have taken a closer look at my contract a long time ago!




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What is happening is that the phone company continually improves plans features at lower costs. But if you don't ask for it, they will not offer it

Yep. I changed our plan twice during 2015 when I saw new plans pop up. We went from around $160/mo to just over $100/mo and have more data and more flexibility to increase & decrease data as desired.

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Yes, you have to stay on top of unadvertised changes available. I routinely go on-line and check options. Just a few days ago I upgraded wife's phone and improved our plan for a savings of approx $60 per month.


I have also learned over the last few years that many businesses offer military discounts but don't advertise it. I'm retired military and have been cheerfully been given a discount for simply asking and proving my service.

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So they consider the tablets as a line, if so I may add the Verizon phone I bought to replace my Tracfone and reactivate my hotspot that only works part of the time just to get a cheaper plan.



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I just looked at the Verizon Wireless website, and according to it, the $80 for 20GB and four lines is just for data...phones are an additional $20 per month and tablets are and additional $10 per month.


The example the website gives is:


"That's $80/mo for 20 GB of data + 4 phones x $20/mo per line for a total of $160/mo."


So I'm not understanding how you can get 5 lines and 20GB of data for only $100??

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When I called Verizon to make this plan I was told that the plan was for 4 lines and 20GB of data for $80. I prefer to work with store employees, even though they try to use hard sell (which doesn't work well with me). But I just like to see exactly what I am getting before I sign.


So at the store today I find exactly what LindH said above-- the $80 is data plus you have to add phones. And you do have to upgrade to get the extra 2GB of data. But I had such an old plan there was still some savings... WD's line was $50 a month and that is now down to $20 a month. So now my monthly line + data charge is $150. They gave me $111 trade in on her old phone (web site said $65) and the new iPhone 5SE cost $399, so that cost me $288. Using their "device payment plan", they are charging me $10 a month for 24 months (but I can pay off and cancel anytime.. there is no long term contract anymore). So if I indeed stay with them for another 2 years I get more data, a new phone, and save $20 a month -- not nearly what I hoped for.


One note: the extra data is 2GB per line added or updated, so I am not getting the advertised 8GB data, just 2GB.


Last note, I am extremely security conscious and have gotten to really like the fingerprint security on my Samsung phone. This was one of the main reasons I upgraded DW's phone, so she too can log in to our important sites with our secure password manager using her thumbprint + password.



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