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Quadra Rv Bigfoot leveling is popping

Just Don

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Cameo Carriage 37cksls: Quadra Rv Bigfoot leveling is popping.
Mostly during the heat of the day into the evening and some in am.
Some times it's caused by movement most times it's not.
Also it's been acting up far as leveling.
I have contacted the company they haven't contacted me.
Summer of 2015 I stopped by there factory. Very helpful
all they did was reprogram past years they have sent me
the electronic leveling instruments(the name slips me).
I have checked level of camper most of the time it's low in the front
with more lower to front driver side some times it's level and control
panel says it's not I have reprogrammed it no help.
After all that back jackets pop more than front does it some.
We are mostly in the living room when where home maybe front pops more.
I have some wooden blocks under feet heard this helped think I need
the thicker more like 4 inch wood blocks.
Thanks for your help. Don

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Two year ago one of our rear BF would make the same sound, like a circuit breaker blowing. Usually in the afternoons and varied how often it happened. I talked with Quadra and they said they didn't know why. After moving a couple times the problems went away. I believe it was just the one leveler. The noise worried me but there was no other problem. Greg

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We have had the popping noise from our Lippert Hydraulic auto levelers. Lippert told us it was from air in the lines expanding and contracting with temperature changes. They had us remove a quart of the hydraulic fluid and replace it with a quart of motorcycle fork oil. It took awhile for the new fluid to work it's way thru the system. The popping slowly decreased and eventually stopped after many cycles.

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For what it's worth, let me add our experience from when we arrived where we are now...


We unhitched our trailer from the truck and I started our BigFoot system auto-leveling. While it was was going through it's routine of grounding the jacks and then leveling the trailer, I started hooking up the utilities. All of a sudden I heard a pop noise as the trailer lurched sideways. The BigFoot stopped and display said something about an error and a jack was over extended. One of the front jack pads had punched a hole that looked to be 4-6 inches deep in the sandy soil here at Rainbow Plantation. I raised the jack, put some 2X6's over the hole and leveled the trailer.


It seems like it would take a lot of force to punch a hole in the ground like that. I was told by Rainbow Plantation staff that there are no sewer or drainage pipes or anything like that that may have collapsed in that location. To this day, I have no idea what happened.


We have a 6 point system that was installed in May 2014.



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