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Do this update for all Windows Versions Now!


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The short and simple version. Adobe Flash has had a really bad month as they also did not provide their Flash updates in time for Microsoft to include it with their monthly updates last Tuesday.


Windows Vista and 7 users must manually update your flash version by going to control panel, choose to view by large or small Icons if it is set to view by Categories. Then click on Adobe Flash in Control panel and when it opens up click on the tab for updates and go there and follow directions to update from the real Adobe download page not a fake.


Windows 8/8.1, and Windows 10 users your Flash Player is embedded and updated via Windows updates. But since they were late go to windows updates and check for them if it is not already there. And install through Windows update.


For most that is all they needed to know. I waited until it was available to post this.


For those that want the tech details go here:

Flash Player Update Patches 18 Remote Code Execution Flaws


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