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Florida Road Rangers *347


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Not sure how many folks are aware of this but Florida DOT provides a free service to those broken down. This came to light yesterday after I stopped to assist a gent disabled with a flat tire in the fast lane between Fellsmere and Melbourne FL. Pretty freaky to say the least putting out my triangles etc. He had no tools at all and most of mine were in the trailer at the jobsite. After at least getting the shredded wheel off the ground, I could do no more so left after he confirmed help was on the way.


It galls me to leave someone stranded, completely rubs me the wrong way but other than covering his six, there was nothing more I could do.


It was today a co-worker told me about the *347 program....Too bad I didn't know about it yesterday.


Not sure which forum this would be of the most value, HDT, LDT, busses, 5th wheels. All could benefit. Others can sort that out.


Let the pro's do the work, the life you save may be your own.



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