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Power Steering Leak


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We leave N E Kansas and head South in September and don't head back until late April or early May. Some years all we have to do is keep fuel in the tank, but other times it seems something needs repaired almost every day or so. This is one of those years! :wub: In the last 6 years, I have never had to add power steering fluid, but now I have a leak. I'm almost sure it is the high pressure hose from the pump to the sector, but we are in the desert South of Ajo, Az., and I don't want to open a can of worms. I've only added fluid a time or two this winter, but I hate a fluid leak of any kind. I think I could get by until spring, but was wondering if any of you guys have replaced that hose. I would like to do it without removing the alternator, pump, etc. I do have a set of 3/8" crowfoot ratchet wrench heads that I can reach behind the alternator even though it would be a pain, but didn't know if anyone tried this replacement, and if you had any unforeseen problems. The "Top Dog" would not be happy if we were stuck here until summer. Thanks for any information.


Dick T

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My high pressure hose was weeping and my local shop built me new hoses and replaced the alternator idler at the same time. no more mess.

2004 Volvo 630, Freedomline, Rear view camera, Max Brake, Jackalopee, 38 ft 4 horse LQ Platinum, 40ft Jayco Talon toy hauler




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Hi Dick T I have a 1998 610 n 14. had steering gear leak, also. Ended up replacing gear assembly. Really not that hard to do. Just need 1 inch drive and a cheater bar. But first if all I would clean the area around hoses and gear, and make sure where the oil is coming from. On my old gear, on the out side, on the side, in the middle of the side. Is a small hole to relive pressure. Not all the time, a small amount of oil would come out. Flat spots on the "O" rings would line up when turning and leak. Volvo dealer said , flat spots from setting and not used often enough. This is what I found, may not be your problem, that made a mess. I would clean it up and check. I had bought the hose to replace it also and found that was not the leak. Good luck :) OU812.

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