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Crater Lake,OR - feedback please for workamper


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We have not worked there, but we have been there. It is a LONG way to a grocery store, or really any store. If you get there early in the season and they have had a good winter IE: lots of snow, you will have to camp down the hill about 20 miles, then when they get the campground dug out you can move your RV "up the hill"


It is a beautiful location, and we considered working there, but after working at some locations that were "away" from town, we decided not to apply. One of the fun jobs we had was working at Mt. Rushmore in the Gift Shop.


Good Luck, just check how far it is to a Walmart or such from Crater Lake.



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It would be approximately 50 miles to Klamath Falls for major shopping. It's not like you go there every day. You make a major run once a week or so.

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Crazy beautiful.. crazy busy.. and as previously posted.. a bit "out of the way", but not necessarily a bad thing. Aramark doesn't have the best reputation, but if you're able to get a decent deal with Xanterra it's certainly not a bad way to pass a couple of months. Just to be aware though that there really isn't a whole heck of a lot to do or see in the immediate area.


Who am I kidding... there isn't anything to do or see anywhere within a half days drive. :lol::D:P


If you enjoy hiking and lazy days piddling around mountain lakes/streams and such, you would be in Heaven, but it may not be everyone's cup of tea.

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Just caught up with the responses. Thank you all. We since

decided to do the rides at Adventureland Park in Altoona,

Iowa. Today is the first day of the season and it got rained off.

Tomorrow will be my start, assisting at the Space Shot.

There's a Walmart around the corner and a casino and race track

next door.

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The drive into Rim Village at Crater Lake from the north (Roseburg OR) with a big RV is scary as hell. The drive from Rim Village south towards California is a lot less frightening.


If you were working at CL, would you have a place to site your RV? If not, you might consider living at the RV park at Diamond lake and commuting in your toad.

pethier, interested in toyhaulers for 13-foot car

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Go get maps of the surrounding National Forests. Crater Lake is a long way from towns, but it also appears a long ways most outdoor recreation activities.


It is a pretty spot. If your into astronomy I would highly recommend it!!


Otherwise, make sure it meets your needs.

Vladimr Steblina

Retired Forester...exploring the public lands.


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