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Yahoo Calender Reminders Coming Up as SPAM in G-mail?


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I started using the Yahoo Calendar after I subscribed to my first Escapee Yahoo Group almost 15 years ago. My computer calendar program had crashed once and when a new revision came out it didn't capture my existing data when I updated. Yahoo Calendar was very convenient, I could log in anywhere and pull it up and I could have an e-mail reminder sent to any e-mail address. I use G-mail for my primary e-mail and Yahoo for lower priority email. I have looked in to Google Calendar but I don't like the reminder feature as well or maybe I just don't understand it?


My problem: Starting in January 2016 my Yahoo reminders are going to my SPAM file in G-Mail? That has never happened before. I have even marked the emails when G-mail asks for items that are not SPAM so that they may improve their SPAM filters but it hasn't changed anything. I hate to move everything over to a new program but will if I have to. E-mail and Text calendar reminders have been a great help to this sometimes foggy brain and I don't have to worry about carrying my paper calendar around with me. DH maintains the paper files.


If you use an electronic calendar which one do you use?

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Also make sure to flag any that end up in spam as not spam, that will train the filter Gmail uses for spam detection.

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