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Replacing a Norcold 838EG2 with a residential fridge?


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My family and I are living in our 1987 Fleetwood Bounder and I am done wrestling with our 2-way Norcold 838EG2 fridge. The past two months we have actually just been using it as a cold box, with a new 10 lb block of ice in there every 36 hours. We are mostly entirely stationary these days, at an RV park in Northern California. I'd like to replace this fridge with a residential 120V fridge. Can anyone recommend a make and model that is almost the exact same dimensions of this Norcold (52"tall x 24"wide x 24"deep)? I'd rather not do much by way of modifications to fit a fridge in with different dimensions. Our furnace is right below the fridge, so I can't cut down and I also don't want any open gaps in the fridge bay because I don't want any risk of CO2 leaking into the interior of our RV. Thanks in advance.


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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