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Trouble shooting interior lights not working

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We woke up to find just 4 lights not working. The light over the breakfast table, the wall light between the table and couch and the two couch over head lights. The plug outlets in between those lights all work as does everything else in the MH.


Wondering if there is one fuse somewhere just for those 4 lights?


We have a 2015 Thor Challenger class A MH. We are full timers and have been sitting in camp for a few months with the lights working.


Any trouble shooting suggestions would be greatly appreciated

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The fuse was blown and I blew a replacement when changing a bulb so there is something wrong with the fixture shorting out.

It sounds like you are on the right track to find the problem. All of your lights are powered by the 12V-dc system. In fact, most RVs have no lights at all that are supplied by 120V power and the fuses are only for the 12V circuits, while the 120V circuits have circuit breakers just as they do in your stick house.


It is pretty safe and simple to replace a 12V light fixture. Just remove the fuse and the with most such lights if you take the lens cover off you will see the mounting screws. Dropping the light down you should find that there will be only two wires from the fixture that you need to replace. They usually are connected with a screw on wire nut and it can easily be removed, but if it connects more than two wires you need to tape the wires together so that when you put the new light in you reconnect all wires back in the proper group. Usually you will find that you have wires for two colors, black & white and that you can just connect everything by matching the colors again. When reconnecting things, be sure that the wire nuts are tight so they won't come loose in travel and then are tucked up so that no wires are pinched when you put the light fixture back where it belongs. If you post a picture of the light fixture, we can probably give you more specific instructions.

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