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Checking/Filling Battery


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In our MH the house batteries are not on a slideout and there is very little room to see the water levels. I have beaten many bushes looking for a slideout and none are to be found. I then heard about FlowRite Qwik fill, that doesn't fit out batteries(Group 31, NAPA 8231, 12v).


I am sure we are not the only people with this problem. How has it been solved in other MHs?

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The FlowRite for the 12v batteries does not have adjustable valves and the spacing is off. Even though FlowRite said these would fit(I gave them the battery info) apparently their system doesn't fit all batteries. They sent me a valve for the 6v battery system and that doesn't even go in the hole.


I have asked them for a list of batteries that their system will fit for future reference.


They are definitely a first class company and have been working with me for several weeks to try to resolve the problem.

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They are definitely a first class company




Most definitely, but you're not the first to run into that problem. You might consider looking at BWT's system as it's pretty much universal. They have a couple of different valves, a couple of different pump systems and they sell kits preconfigured or build your own kits with all the needed valves, connectors and length of tubing that can be cut and assembled to fit your specific needs. They also sell an LED sensor that will illuminate when watering is needed.

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I never heard of them before. I will check them out. Thanks for the lead.


They have a good track record. If you want to save a little money you can buy their valves but then just pick up some tubing from your local HIC and use a bulb type pump (~$10) to fill with.

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