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Weight distribution hitch problem

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Greetings everyone,


Happy New Year!


I have an unusual issue that I can't seem to find an answer for. Hoping someone here has either experienced the problem or knows of it and can enlighten me.


I have a spring bar WDH, and when I hook up the chain links, I always have one link difference on one side when making the adjustment. (for example, 3 links hanging on one side and 2 on the other, for an equal amount of tension) If I try and use an equal number of links on each side, it is quite an effort to force the one side to equal the other.


I have used three different tow vehicles, so it seems like it has to be the TT. The tongue and frame appear to be level and square.


The manufacturer really had no answer other than they THOUGHT I should have equal tension regardless of the link number.


Any thoughts?



Ya just can't RV without a hitch.....!

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The side you lift last generally feels like it carries more weight but when they are both in the lifted position the weight is evenly distributed across the frame and to the tow vehicle. When you lift 1 side, you are transferring load/weight to the opposite side.

To make it easier to lift the chain mount, lower the tongue jack and raise the front of the trailer and tow vehicle up as far as it will go. Then chain the bars at equal heights / lengths. Then lower the trailer and let the tow vehicle carry the weight.

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I have seen the same behavior on my trailer. I found that it is either because the ground I'm on while hooking up isn't totally level, and also because my hitch rotates slightly within the reciever, when I hook up 1 WD bar first. I have to raise the tongue higher to hook up the 2nd WD bar with the same number of links.

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